Ricotta Ravioli

6 servings


30 mins


6 tbsp ricotta cheese

6 tbsp grated parmesan cheese

2 fresh egg yolks

A pinch of salt and pepper

Fresh pasta dough



1. In a bowl, add ricotta cheese, parmesan, yolks, salt and pepper and mix it

2. Make the dough using this fresh pasta recipe

3. Roll out your dough till it is thin and flat

4. Create two strips along the dough, each at least 4cm wide

5. Put a spoon of stuffing on the surface of one strip, leave 2cm without stuffing and continue like that till you get to the end of the strip

6. Take the other pasta strip and lay it upon the other one (the one with the stuffing on it)

7. Press all the parts without the filling down with your hands to seal the borders, avoid leaving any air inside. This must be done for each ravioli (one at a time)

8. Use a sharp knife to cut up the ravioli into individual pieces of ravioli (strive to make each one the same size)

9. Take a fork and press slightly the extremities of the ravioli, in order to seal it and stop it from opening while boiling it

10. Boil the ravioli in salt water for a few minutes; then toss in either a tomato sauce or butter and sage sauce