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"There's a joy sharing of food brings"


Hi,​ my name is Subomi and I am passionate about Food in its entirety – learning, cooking, eating, photographing, experiencing and travelling to various places to try new foods.

I fell in love with food from a very young age being hands-on in the kitchen every opportunity I got. I  still remember my first Thanksgiving in the US. 9 years old straight from Nigeria spending hours in the kitchen roasting the turkey, making cornbread, stuffing,  and having all my cousins aunts and uncles over. It was the very first insight I had into the impact food has. It’s more than sustenance,  it has the ability to bring people together. There’s a joy sharing of food brings.


"One of my major life goals is to bring an end to food insecurity"


Hi, my name is Ikepo, my best friends and family call me Popsy. Cooking, travelling and exploring food are my favourite pastimes. I love cooking as much as I love being cooked for and I love the way in which food fosters community. My vision for SK & Popsy is for us to go from simply  hosting dining experiences and blogging to also being growers and purveyors of fresh ingredients with our own line of condiments as well as provide a platform for people who are passionate about food along all levels of the value chain. 


In addition to enjoying food and the endless possibilities fresh ingredients afford us, I also see food as a political issue. I believe poverty and the food insecurity it gives rise to is a great injustice. One of my major life goals is to bring an end to food insecurity in a way that does not usurp the agency of vulnerable people.  

how it all started....

We met in summer 2017 when we were both interning and we connected over our shared love for food and hosting. One evening, after a long shift, we were musing about how hosting brings us so much joy and sharing our struggles of how overwhelming and daunting it can be. We had a light bulb moment and decided that a way to mitigate the stress and make hosting more enjoyable would be to collaborate; the idea for hosting ticketed dining experiences was birthed. We, however, underestimated the level of detail that would go into pulling our brilliant idea off. We are thankful to our parents; our big sisters - Fadekemi, Anjola, Eloghosa and Paula; our able DJ, Demi; our friends who have lent us a helping hand along the way without asking for anything in return - Ore, Joel, Valery, Emem, Michele and Olamide; and everyone who has ever purchased a ticket or trusted us to cater for helping us bring our vision to life.  

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